Home & personal care industry

The challenges facing home and personal care industry in today’s environment

As a large, rapidly expanding and increasingly diverse market, personal care chemicals represent special challenges for companies. Today’s consumers want more, they want quality and they want it now. But opportunities are evident as well, driven by an increasingly ageing population and new markets such as men’s grooming, and bio-based care products.

Reducing the environmental impact of products

In recent years, sustainability has become a key concern for many businesses in the cosmetics and personal care industry. Because consumers have become more concerned about health, wellness and issues such as natural resource depletion and environmental degradation, the environmental performance of products and processes has become a key consideration, since the market today is a very informed one. Finally, stricter regulations as a consequence of increasing awareness are a constant additional challenge.

Innovation as a growth driver

The more than $400 billion global beauty and personal care industry has been on a growth trajectory since the end of the 2007-2009 financial crisis. Across the world, sales cosmetics have grown steadily, and premium cosmetics are making a comeback. This constant growth can only be maintained with constant innovation and investment in research and development. Companies will have to find their place by being pioneers and innovating in beauty and personal care products.

Changing distribution channels

The emergency of e-commerce sites and the migration of the customers to online platforms force the industry to adapt their marketing campaigns to retain or acquire new customers. In matters of size, brand variety, international establishment, the industry has encountered saturation. Growth margin will decrease as the same big players try to gain in market share. Also, a wave of mergers and acquisitions has impacted the industry and its distribution channels. Fast product development based on new formulations can counteract this challenge.

SCIENOMICS is a software company specialized in materials modeling and simulations. We support our customers’ decision-making process in materials innovation and address related critical business issues through our software technology & contract research services we offer. This will enable our customers to

  • improve performances and profitability
  • reduce operational costs and risks
  • optimize the product design process
  • support innovative R&D activities
  • help to identify sustainable development processes
  • focus the research and development activity

Our range of offers concentrates on the needs of designing new product formulation by estimating its performance based on the impact of every of its components and virtually screening every possible alternative.

Product development, a field where SCIENOMICS technology helps identifying new delivery solutions, predicts the stability of formulations and estimates the efficiency of various components such as surfactants in changing environments. The challenges of the development process can be met with several technologies included in SCIENOMICS MAPS platform.

Innovative research, where the objective is now to replace traditional compounds by bio- based chemicals, ensure sustainability of end products and remain competitive by efficiently screening a large number of alternatives. SCIENOMICS offers an in-silico approach for performing virtual screening of chemicals, identifying the most promising solutions to design a product and assist understanding why a product performs in a particular way.