May 21th, 2020 – Designing drug formulations and medical devices

Designing drug formulations and medical devices


  • Pharmaceutical & agrochemicals
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Home and personal care


  • Develop active ingredient delivery systems
  • Improve product performance
  • Optimize product formulation


  • Build reliable digital twins of products of interest
  • Predict solubility in solvent mixtures
  • Model interactions between bio molecules and medical devices
  • Analyze and interpret the results


  • Predict release rates
  • Selection of solvent mixtures
  • Identification of good filtering materials

Pharma industry needs to protect patients while reducing its environmental impact. The emergence of new pathologies of global impact expands needs for optimal design of drugs and medical devices. Additionally, they need to reduce the environmental impact of their products while boosting profitability with innovative solutions. In this webinar we will present how SCIENOMICS technology can help in Product Development, by identifying new delivery systems, predicting the stability of formulations, estimating the solubility of drugs in a variety of solvents and allowing control of growth mechanisms of crystalline materials. For agrochemicals of interest is the development of compounds with low water solubility but highly soil adsorptive. Similarly, Medical Devices are of increasing importance in times, when new pathologies of global impact are requiring innovative solutions, and the interaction of biological compounds with artificial polymers or inorganic materials for example in surgical masks, respirators or body implants are contributing significantly for the improvement of human or animal health. MAPS offers tools for solving these complex problems on all levels of modeling scales. Anyone interested in active ingredient delivery systems, drug formulations and medical devices will benefit from this free webinar and Q&A session. We will be pleased to have you with us!

The examples presented will demonstrate how to translate a real-life problem in a simulation strategy applied on the digital twin of the product of interest. In particular:

  • Selective delivery through micellar carriers
  • Designing filters for respirators and surgical masks
  • A micelle approaching and merging with a bilayer.

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