May 07, 2020 – Designing advanced coating materials

Designing advanced coating materials


  • Coatings industry
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Packaging industry
  • Automotive and transport
  • Defense and aerospace


  • Design water repellent coating
  • Improve scratch resistance
  • Optimize corrosion inhibition


  • Construct the digital twins of the materials involved
  • Simulate key properties
  • Analyze and interpret the results


  • Prediction of mechanical properties
  • Selection of best performing material
  • Identification of lead candidate and optimization of target property

Coatings are a class of materials of great economic importance and they are used for decorative and protective purposes. Today most engineered products are coated to be protected from usage and working environments. Their performance is based on physical and chemical interactions between the coating and the substrate. Formulating coatings usually involves the knowledge of the key features of the components of a coatings and a trade-off made among these properties. In this webinar, we will focus on functional and smart coatings used as water repellents on airplanes, for improving scratch resistance of packaging material, as corrosion inhibitors on metal or alloy surfaces. Different simulations techniques will be presented, and we will discuss how they can be applied for designing coatings with desired Chemical Resistance, Water Resistance, Ease of Application, Adhesion to Substrate, Cohesive Strength, Flexibility and Elongation, Impact Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Temperature Resistance, Dielectric Strength. Anyone interested in coatings, polymers, and/or adhesives will benefit from this free webinar and Q&A session. We will be pleased to have you with us!

The examples presented will demonstrate how to translate a real-life problem in a simulation strategy applied on the digital twin of the product of interest. In particular:

  • Mechanical and Crosslinking properties from Molecular Dynamics.
  • Application of machine learning-based modeling and MAPS workflow environment
  • Mechanical properties of polyurethane and fluorinated polyurethane composites

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