The MAPS platform offers plugins and Graphical User Interfaces to proprietary and third party simulation engines in Materials Science. MAPS users can quickly setup calculations with the most advanced codes in the QUANTUM, CLASSICAL & MESOSCALE, THERMODYNAMICS and INFORMATICS domains. 


MAPS QUANTUM simulation engines toolkit includes several world-class codes such as NWCHEM, QUANTUM ESPRESSO, ABINIT and others and offers Graphical User Interfaces to other third party software such as MOPAC, VASP and TURBOMOLE.


MAPS CLASSICAL & MESOSCALE simulation toolkit contains world-class simulation engines such as LAMMPS, CHAMELEON, TOWHEE, NAMD. In addition an important collection of ready-to-use workflows and a rich Force-Field library are included. 


Technologies that address critical questions at the macroscopic scale using state-of-the-art Thermodynamics models. MAPS INFORMATICS and MACHINE LEARNING technology provides Big Data Analytics and leverage available information in public domain as well as within different parts of an organization.