In this presentation Scienomics will highlight many aspects of the advantages of using materials simulations, and especially MAPS 5.0, for industrial researchers.

We will give an introduction into all technology incorporated in MAPS, ranging from quantum mechanics over classical and mesoscale modeling up to our engineering tools. Many new features, essential for efficiency and high throughput simulations like our unique scripting capability in MAPS will be demonstrated in depth.

The benefits for our customers of using our technology will be outlined in many application examples for a range of materials, for example the predictive calculation of interfacial tension for liquid/ liquid and liquid/ gas systems of industrial importance, the calculation of friction coefficients for coatings, calculation of dynamic dielectric constants to screen various product candidates using workflows and the dynamic phase behavior of complex surfactant solutions including life time and size distribution of micelles.

Many of these examples are making use of mesoscopic simulations, so prior to outlining the efficiency of mesoscopic simulations we will give an introduction to its benefits and limits.

Throughout the presentation we will highlight the new technology in MAPS 5.0, for example the prediction of various electronic properties with he very fast and accurate quantum mechanics tool OpenMX, the optimization of classical force fields with machine learning techniques or the enhanced capabilities of DPD simulations in MAPS for charged systems.

With this presentation we hope to give an overview of the benefits researchers can obtain by using materials simulations and introduce most of the tools present in MAPS 5.0 to achieve success in this field.

Who should participate:

  • Simulation experts, in all scales, from industry, academia and software companies.
  • Product formulators and materials scientists.

When and how: July 1 – 5, 2024. Please contact Scienomics for participation.

We will be pleased to have you with us!

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