Chameleon: A Generalized, Connectivity Altering Software for Tackling Properties of Realistic Polymer Systems

Chameleon, a generalized Monte Carlo software for the phase space analysis of complex, realistic polymer systems is presented. Chameleon implements the so-called connectivity altering technique applied on polymer chains through Monte Carlo moves that do not mimic actual dynamics. These moves enable an accurate and fast sampling of configuration space and produce a robust environment for the prediction of the polymer’s properties. Chameleon’s capabilities are presented through a series of computations on well-studied systems, namely polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in the melt state. PE, PS and PVC are described via a united atom, coarse grained and all atom representation, respectively. The computed structural and volumetric properties of these systems are compared to experimental data and previous computational works, and found to be in excellent agreement. Finally, the shared memory parallel capabilities of Chameleon are presented and quantified in terms of speedup.



Orestis Alexiadis, Nikolaos Cheimarios, Loukas Peristeras, Xenophon Krokidis


Wiley interdisciplinary reviews: Computational Molecular Science. 9,7 (2019)