Applied Research and Innovation Services

Applied Research and Innovation Services, ARISe, provides contract research services and consulting expertise to em- power our clients to achieve their goals.

Faster delivery of products to market, cost-e ective and eco-friendly processes and products are some of the goals we have been working on. Following agile and novel ways for in- novation our ARISe Team provides new insights derived from the most scienti cally advanced technologies in Materials Sciences. Leveraging fundamental material and process pro- perties we enrich the existing information of process “know- how” with process “know-why” insight. erefore, we enable lowering the cost and time involved in the search for impro- ved materials, processes and increased performance. Scieno- mics ARISe Team are all PhDs in science and engineering with expertise in a number of industry segments.

For clients around the world, Scienomics ARISe is a reco- gnized expert in multi-scale, multi-paradigm modeling and simulation aspects of design, development, quality and opti- mization. Leveraging cross-disciplinary knowledge the ARISe Team considers all ideas, creates and tests hypotheses, gene- rates insights and ignites innovation leading to performance enhancement, process improvement and product save for our clients.

All ARISe engagements are based on modeling and simulation techniques that provide a strong return on investment by fo- cusing experiments towards productive paths saving stalled development projects and innovating through a broader and deeper exploration and understanding. All work done under ARISe is strictly confidential and proprietary to the client.